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The Doctor in the Photo

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Aired: 12/9/10


Booth, Brennan, Cam and Hodgins arrive in Woodland, a very bad part of town. They see a skeleton entwined in the roots of a tree. It was discovered when the tree was uprooted in a violent storm. Brennan doesn't believe the victim, a Caucasian female, has been here longer than two years. She has excellent, expensive dental work. What would a rich woman be doing in this neighborhood? Brennan continues to examine the body as Booth calls for a team to transport the tree to the Lab. The victim is the same height and weight as Brennan and is also wearing a silver dolphin ring...a piece of jewelry that Brennan favors in her own collection.


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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
10/4 The Geek in the Guck (43:00)  
The Geek in the GuckThe team investigates the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river.
10/16/2014 12/04/2014
10/3 The Purging of the... (43:42)  
The Purging of the PunditThe team investigates the death of a conservative radio host.
10/09/2014 11/20/2014
10/2 The Lance to the... (43:54)  
The Lance to the HeartThe team digs deeper into the Federal Government's cover-up.
10/02/2014 11/13/2014
10/1 The Conspiracy In... (43:53)  
The Conspiracy In The CorpseIn the Season 10 premiere, Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to clear Booth's name and get him out of jail.
09/25/2014 11/06/2014
9/24 The Recluse in the... (43:02)  
The Recluse in the ReclinerBooth becomes a target in an ongoing investigation.
05/19/2014 10/30/2014

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