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The Mastadon in the Room

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Aired: 9/23/10


Now working at the Federal Coroner's Lab in Washington D.C., Cam is frustrated her team can't identify the skeleton of a small child. She later prepares to give an interview at CNB Studios about brain damage in veterans. Caroline Julian tries to convince her they really want to ask about Logan Bartlett, who the press speculates is the unidentified child. Since Cam can't confirm the identity of the child, she will end up looking bad.

Meanwhile, Brennan and Daisy are frustrated that they haven't made any major discoveries during their seven months in Maluku. Brennan is trying to fix the carburetor on their jeep when Daisy spies men with guns approaching them. Uh-oh. Per Brennan's suggestions, Daisy swallows her engagement ring.

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9/14 The Master in the... (43:54)  
The Master in the SlopSweets infiltrates the world of professional chess.
01/24/2014 09/06/2014
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The Mystery in the MeatHuman lunch meat means murder.
11/22/2013 09/06/2014

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