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The Boy With The Answer

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BRENNAN runs through the dark. HODGINS screams for help. She finds him, beaten and bloody, but something unseen pulls him away. There is nothing she can do. BOOTH calls for her. He is trapped behind a large metal door. Brennan tries to free him but the container fills with water. A gloved hand grabs Brennan and pulls her away. She awakes in a plexiglass coffin. HEATHER TAFFET stands over her, covering her with dirt.

Brennan wakes up from the worst nightmare she has ever had. Yet, she manages to dress and get ready. She watches the news report about the Gravedigger case. It begins today. Federal Prosecutor Heather Taffet is defending herself.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
9/22 The Nail in the... (42:51)  
The Nail in the CoffinThe team gets closer to discovering the identity of the ghost killer.
04/21/2014 09/21/2014
9/21 The Cold in the Case (43:21)  
The Cold in the CaseA murder victim is found cryogenically frozen.
04/14/2014 09/21/2014
9/20 The High in the Low (43:44)  
The High in the LowThe use of medical marijuana to treat pain affects the Jeffersonian team.
04/07/2014 09/21/2014
9/19 The Turn in the Urn (42:12)  
The Turn in the UrnThe Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of three people in one urn.
03/31/2014 09/21/2014
9/18 The Carrot in the... (42:59)  
The Carrot in the KudzuThe team investigates the murder of an actor on a children's TV show.
03/24/2014 09/21/2014


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