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The Witch In The Wardrobe

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SHERIFF GUS ABRAMS greets BOOTH and BRENNAN at the scene of a fire. He shows them to the remains: a skeleton in a white dress inside a steel wardrobe. Brennan confirms the skeleton is real. It belongs to an elderly female. She is surprised that the bones have been rearticulated with wire. Someone put them together quite amateurishly. ANGELA and HODGINS notice a circular path all the way around the house. It is dusted with powder. Crows caw overhead. Brennan believes there is a fresh kill nearby. She finds remains under fallen debris: a skeleton wearing red shoes, which promptly curl up.

At the Lab, Brennan wants to start with the recent remains. However, they are coated in ceiling insulation, which melted in the fire. CAM determines the victim was dead before the fire began. CLARK finds wire ligatures around her wrists. They turn their attention to the second skeleton. The steel wardrobe preserved the body during the fire. The victim is Caucasian and 40 to 50 years old. Brennan notes that she would have had a hunched posture. There is evidence of crushing and a puncture wound. Brennan recognizes it as a kind of torture used during the Salem Witch Trials.

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