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The X In The File

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Air Date 1/14/10

MARVIN BREEKMAN searches the Roswell Desert with a flashlight. He assures his wife via Bluetooth that he is safe in his hotel room in Florida. Marvin stumbles across a body wrapped in a silver coat. An alien body! He's finally found one! But when glowing orange eyes appear behind him, Marvin drops his things and runs for his life.

At the Lab, WENDELL and ANGELA discuss their evening plans. Wendell suggests they visit to a motel during lunch. CAM interrupts. Wendell tries to cover but Cam knows about their relationship. After she leaves, Wendell wonders if Hodgins also knows.
In New Mexico, SHERIFF JERRY BONDS leads BOOTH and BRENNAN to the "alien" remains, which appear to be covered in gray wax. Brennan concludes that the victim is a human female. Her silver coat trapped body moisture and turned her fat into adipocere.

MARSHA VINTON, the landowner, approaches with a shotgun. After Bonds disarms her, Brennan requests that the remains be sent to the Jeffersonian. Bonds will not consent. He doesn't want the locals to think he sent an alien to D.C. for government testing. Brennan reiterates that this woman is not an alien. The X-Files theme song begins to play! Brennan retrieves a cell phone from the ground. The song is the ringtone. The truth is out there.

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