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The Dwarf In The Dirt

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Air Date 11/12/09

At the Shooting Range, BOOTH trains his gun on an FBI QIT, firing several times. Yet, his shots are all over the target. Troubled, Booth pays a visit to SWEETS. Before divulging his problem, Booth wonders about their relationship. "What are you? FBI shrink? Friend? Objective observer?" Sweets explains that he works for the FBI. Booth leaves, in search of advice from someone impartial.

At the Crime Scene, BRENNAN notices her partner is preoccupied. Booth reveals that he must recertify as a marksman. What if he doesn't pass? Brennan suggests speaking to Sweets but Booth is against it. Sweets works for the FBI and might disclose his confidences to the Bureau.
OFFICER NAVARRO tells the pair that the road collapsed due to a water main break. A small green skeleton was inside the resulting sinkhole. Though the victim is small in stature, Brennan notes he was in his late twenties. She locates a gold coin next to the remains. The water main suddenly begins to spray more water, creating a rainbow. Booth announces that the victim must be a Leprechaun. He makes a silent wish.

At the Lab, VINCENT NIGEL-MURRAY explains to CAM that their victim is not a Leprechaun. He suffers from Dwarfism. On scene at the sinkhole, HODGINS relays that the soil contains iron oxides and acidic groundwater that turned the bones green. It would take two to five months for the color to saturate the bone. Vincent mentions that the victim was likely dragged, as his shoulder was dislocated. Later, he shows Brennan a large number of remodeled fractures. Occupational markers indicate the victim was a wrestler.

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