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The Tough Man In The Tender Chicken

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Air Date 11/5/09

At the Lab, a group of excitable Woodchuck Scouts proudly present a decomposed corpse they discovered in a riverbed to HODGINS, CAM and BRENNAN. Hodgins and Cam are impressed, but Brennan reprimands the young girls for disturbing a crime scene, setting off tears and protests.

Cam begins an autopsy on the oozy, gangrenous corpse. She and WENDELL inventory anomalies on the body, including a sulfuric stench and missing toes and finger tips. The absence of fingerprints and the stench cause them to suspect that the deceased was involved in a secret government experiment involving suspended animation. They decide to report their suspicions to Booth. Hodgins takes Wendell to the site where the body was discovered to search for the missing digits.

Back in Angela's Office, BOOTH interrupts ANGELA and Brennan with information on Hodgins' conspiracy theory. He presents Angela with a file on DARPA, the defense agency rumored to be creating genetically-enhanced super soldiers. Angela's facial reconstruction of the victim, showing an eerily chicken-like visage, only makes their theory seem more plausible.

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