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A Night At The Bones Museum

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Air Date 10/15/09

At a Power Plant, a SECURITY GUARD patrols the grounds. Bored, he flings coins at the electric fence. They spark and sizzle in the dark, illuminating a figure. The Security Guard shines his flashlight and gets the shock of his life when he finds a shriveled corpse!

At the FBI, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ANDREW HACKER arrives to greet BRENNAN. She is pleased to see him again. He insists Brennan call him Andrew, though BOOTH will enjoy no such privilege. Hacker is his boss after all. He requests a moment alone with Brennan. Believing that Hacker wants a signed copy of her book, Booth happily obliges.

At the Power Plant, Brennan reveals that Hacker wants her. Booth thinks it would be awkward if Brennan dated his boss but Brennan isn't so sure. SWEETS intercepts Brennan to ask a personal favor. Daisy would like another chance to prove herself. Brennan is reluctant but she agrees to a twenty-four hour probationary period.

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9/21 The Cold in the Case (43:21)  
The Cold in the CaseA murder victim is found cryogenically frozen.
04/14/2014 09/21/2014
9/20 The High in the Low (43:44)  
The High in the LowThe use of medical marijuana to treat pain affects the Jeffersonian team.
04/07/2014 09/21/2014
9/19 The Turn in the Urn (42:12)  
The Turn in the UrnThe Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of three people in one urn.
03/31/2014 09/21/2014
9/18 The Carrot in the... (42:59)  
The Carrot in the KudzuThe team investigates the murder of an actor on a children's TV show.
03/24/2014 09/21/2014
9/17 The Repo Man in the... (43:48)  
The Repo Man in the Septic TankThe team investigates the death of a man with a troubled past.
03/17/2014 09/21/2014


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