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The Plain In The Prodigy

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Air Date 10/1/09

BRENNAN examines a human mandible nestled amongst the train tracks in Virginia. It appears that the victim was dead before being dumped on the tracks. The remains were then dragged and the corpse broke apart as it smashed against the rails. Bones could be scattered for miles. BOOTH must divert all trains so they can search for the rest of the body.

Later, several FBI Techs join Booth and Brennan on the tracks. Brennan is glad to see Booth wearing his "Cocky" belt buckle again. She likes it because it is "Boothy." Brennan examines a femur with a bone cyst. The cyst resulted from a parasite not often found in the United States. She also locates a pelvis and a tibia. The victim was a teenage male.

CAM walks with MICHELLE. Michelle mentions her upcoming school dance. Can she and her boyfriend Perry stay out all night? Cam says she'll think about it. PERRY WILSON pulls up in his car and Michelle gets in. Cam waves goodbye but is troubled when the pair stop to make out. Uh-oh.

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