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The Bond In The Boot

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Air Date 9/24/09

A MAN waits on the roof of an airport parking structure, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. An ASSAILANT attacks the man, shooting twice. He cuts off his victim's hand and makes off with the briefcase. Shots ring out as his car peels away, running over the body.

At the crime scene, BOOTH is incredulous that Brennan's publishers gave her a Rolex. He can't even afford a plumber to fix his pipes. BRENNAN offers him money but Booth won't accept. He will fix the pipes himself. Cats feast upon the remains of the victim, which belong to a Caucasian male. No one parks on the roof much so the body went unnoticed for two days. Booth sees paint on the speed bump. Brennan notes that the man has a broken leg. The killer ran over the victim while making a getaway.

At the Lab, CAM discovers a piece of steel wool on the remains, suggesting the victim was shot with a silencer. WENDELL notes an Ilizarov Apparatus was used to lengthen the bones. This device was employed solely in the Soviet Union prior to 1981. The victim is Russian. Wendell can also tell there is bone bruising. Someone tried to pull something from the victim's wrist. HODGINS arrives with cat excrement. He found plastic in the poop from a Russian airline. The victim was a recent arrival.

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