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Harbingers In The Fountain

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Air Date 9/17/09

In the Jeffersonian Garden, ANGELA watches as her psychic, AVALON HARMONIA, gives BRENNAN a tarot reading. Avalon reveals that Booth and Brennan are joined because of their "shared experience." Brennan is annoyed. She just stepped off a flight from Guatemala and wants to relax. However, Avalon is not done. Was Brennan pregnant in the book she wrote? An uninterested Brennan excuses herself.

At the FBI, Booth sits with Sweets. "I don't own a nightclub. I'm not married to Bones. You are not a singing bartender," Booth affirms. Sweets is satisfied. He certifies Booth for duty.

In the Lab, Brennan reunites with CAM and HODGINS. Cam informs Brennan that Booth hasn't been reinstated yet. Brennan didn't know that her partner would take so long to recover. She drops her bags in her office where she finds Booth. The partners embrace, happy to see each other. Booth shares that he is fit for duty. Angela interrupts. Avalon is sure there are bodies buried beneath the Teversham Fountain. Booth and Brennan do not believe in psychics but after Booth hears about Brennan's reading, he wants to check it out.

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