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The Critic in the Cabernet

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Air Date 5/7/09

At Bedford Creek Vineyard, SEAN MORTENSON allows a group to taste his aging wines. Each guest takes a glass filled with wine from one of the casks. Bottoms up! However, the wine is awful. Mortenson is not pleased that his wine has turned to vinegar. He yells at viticulturist BRUCE HANOVER. RACHEL GRANGER sees something in her glass. Her husband reaches in and pulls out a decomposed human finger!

At the FBI, SWEETS leads BOOTH and BRENNAN in an exercise. Booth will say a word and Brennan will respond with whatever pops into her head. The partners are reluctant to participate but Sweets gets them going. Brennan's responses to Booth include "sex," "child," "birth" and "sperm." She ultimately stops the exercise, announcing that she wants a child. "I should have a progeny. It's selfish of me not to." Perhaps Booth could be her sperm donor? Booth's phone rings. They have a case. Sweets wants to discuss this further but the partners decide to leave. As they go, Booth blames Sweets for this new turn of events.

At Bedford Creek Vineyard, Brennan justifies her decision to Booth. After all, he is always promoting parenthood. Brennan clarifies that she just wants Booth's sperm. There is no need for him to be involved in raising the child. They approach the cask that contains the remains swimming in a purple slime. Brennan determines that the victim is male as she pulls the surprisingly rubber bones from the cask.

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