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The Beaver in the Otter

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Air Date 4/30/09


To prepare for the big game against the Forest Lake Otters, the MIDDLESEX ARCHERS hold a pep rally. GREG HARMALARD leads his fellow students as they light a bonfire underneath their rival's mascot costume, a giant otter, and pelt it with any "weapon" they can find. The celebration promptly ends when a human corpse tumbles from the costume!

On the scene, BRENNAN examines the damaged remains. SHERIFF TINA MULLIGAN explains that the students had a cannon. DEAN VERNON WARNER believes this is a prank. One of the campus fraternities, Beta Delta Sigma, might have stolen the body from the medical school. A cadaver was reported missing yesterday. BOOTH played a similar college prank with his fraternity. According to the file, the stolen cadaver was an elderly man. Brennan reports that their victim is no older than 25. She indicates a man sitting on the bleachers, dressed as campus security. He hasn't moved all day. He is the missing cadaver.


At the Royal Diner, Booth meets his brother, JARED. Jared hands Booth a letter. It is a notice of dishonorable discharge from the US Navy. Jared was convicted of Misuse of Authority and Theft of Government Property. Booth apologizes. Jared did those things to save him from the Grave Digger. To make things right, Booth offers to find Jared a job. Brennan calls with the victim's identity: JAMES BOUVIER is a 23 year-old senior at Middlesex University. He was a member of Beta Delta Sigma.

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