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Double Death of the Dearly Departed

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Air Date 4/20/09

BOOTH drives with BRENNAN, CAM and HODGINS to the funeral of HANK REILLEY, head of Egyptology at the Jeffersonian. Booth, Cam and Hodgins reminisce about their friend. Cam remembers consulting Hank about her problem with Michelle: she's been smoking cigarettes. Hodgins and Booth remember participating in Hank's fantasy football league. However, Brennan did not know "the deceased" and she dislikes "the social convention which requires us to attend a day-long grieving ritual."

At the Reilly home, mourners gather in the parlor. ANGELA and SWEETS have joined Booth and the Squints. Sweets informs the group that he is available to help with their grief. Angela indicates ANNIE REILLY, Hank's wealthy mother. BARNEY REILLY interrupts. He is thrilled Brennan chose to attend his brother's funeral. He is a fan and a writer. Before Barney can continue, funeral director FRANKLIN TUNG announces that the mourners may pay their respects and then meet in the family room for refreshments.

One by one, the Squints step up to the casket. AMY VALESKA, Hank's assistant, leaves a red rose in his coffin, much to the disdain of his wife, HELEN REILLY. Booth pushes Brennan towards the casket. She reluctantly looks in. Booth realizes Brennan is lingering too long and goes to retrieve her. Brennan reports that Hank Reilly did not die of a heart attack. He was murdered.

Brennan and Booth convene on the back porch. Booth insists on a code word so they won't upset the family: they'll refer to murder as "translation." Brennan believes Hank Reilly was "translated" because she felt rib fractures on his body. Hank Reilly will be cremated later today so they need to act fast. Brennan convinces Booth to call a judge for an injunction. She goes to the family room for the toasts. Booth downs his whiskey and dials the number.

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