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The Bones That Foam

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Air Date 3/12/09


DALE MCGILLIARD and ELLIE SPILLER marry on a hot air balloon, drifting above a seaside cliff. Their friends and family stand on the cliff, watching as Dale and Ellie become husband and wife. The crowd cheers as the couple kisses and bungee jumps off the balloon into the gorge below. However, their bliss is short lived. A decaying corpse waits for them at the bottom of the gorge. Dale and Ellie bounce over the body, screaming in horror.

BOOTH and BRENNAN arrive on scene. Booth believes the victim died as the result of a bungee accident, but Brennan dismisses this theory. "This compound tibial fracture; if he was still alive when he fell, the bone should have bled." The victim was thrown over the cliff post-mortem. They are looking for a murderer.

At the lab, VINCENT NIGEL-MURRAY assists CAM in the autopsy room. Like Booth, he doesn't understand the appeal of bungee jumping. ANGELA and Brennan enter. The victim was undergoing dental restoration. Angela volunteers to send pictures to Booth. Maybe they can identify the victim through a local dentist. Further examination reveals that the victim was punched in the nose before he died. Hodgins arrives with time of death: two to five days ago. He admits that his findings are strange, because the body shows a higher rate of decomposition, but insect activity doesn't lie. Vincent notices that the victim's flesh is moving. Cam cuts into the skin and foam oozes from her incision. Cam presses the emergency alert button as the Squints cover the mouths to avoid breathing potential toxins. The Jeffersonian is in lockdown.


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