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Princess and the Pear

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Air Date 2/19/09


TREVOR VERTUCA leads EZRA THE ELF and a WARRIOR into a sewer tunnel. He is fully into their fantasy role-playing game even though his friends want to quit. It's not long before Trevor's buddies flee the tunnel. Trevor sighs. He apologizes to the princess that spooked his friends. Of course, she'll need to deduct points from their team because they broke character. As he gets closer, he realizes this woman is not part of the game. It's a decaying corpse!

At Booth's apartment, BOOTH opens the door for BRENNAN. She immediately notices that he's injured his back. Booth asks for an adjustment. Brennan is reluctant to help. She is not a medical doctor and this problem may require one. Booth won't take no for an answer. Last time this happened, Brennan's adjustment worked like a charm. Brennan puts her "magic knuckles" to work but Booth's pain gets worse...

At the lab, Brennan tells ANGELA that Booth may have a herniated disk. She'll have to see the X-rays to know for sure. For now, Booth is on bed rest. Enter AGENT PAYTON PEROTTA. Brennan is less than happy to see Perotta, but she requested her as Booth's substitute. "The variables involved in breaking in a new person outweigh the benefit of possibly finding a better investigator." The remains wait on the Forensic Platform. Displeased that she wasn't invited to the scene, Brennan approaches the body. COLIN FISHER reports that the victim is female, aged 25 to 29 years. Her face has been severely damaged around the mandible. Brennan releases the flesh to CAM and hurries off, ignoring Perotta. Cam notices something unusual about the flesh on the victim's hand. Perotta steps in. She shines an ALS pointer on the hand, revealing a blacklight-sensitive stamp.

In Angela's Office, Angela shows Brennan the UV stamp. She hasn't been able to match it to area bars or clubs. Fisher barges in with a confession: he is a geek. However, this means he has an idea of where the victim got her hand stamp. Fisher believes she worked as a booth babe at ImagiCon, a convention for fans of video games, comic books and more. Angela pulls up the website. The ImagiCon logo matches the UV hand stamp. Brennan spots a photograph of girl wearing the same dress found on the corpse. Could this be the victim?


At ImagiCon, Perotta and Brennan observe the many costumed attendees. They approach a booth advertising the Grimoire 3.0 and cut to the front of a line of fans waiting to take their picture with SHINY KOPINSKY, the booth babe. Shiny confirms that the victim is KENDRA KIM, her fellow booth babe. She hasn't been to work in a few days. Shiny figured that she'd been fired. Kendra had a bad attitude. Apparently, Kendra was about to come into some money but she wouldn't say where the money was coming from. Shiny followed her once, but all she saw was Kendra talking to someone at another booth: Kroon the Blacksmith.

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