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Hero in the Hold

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Air Date 2/5/09


At the FBI, BRENNAN, HODGINS and Grave Digger author THOMAS VEGA face JUDGE DIX WILLIAMS and AUSA HEATHER TAFFET. This is not a social call. Taffet was recently assigned to "The Grave Digger" case after AUSA Kim Kurland died in a car accident. Subsequently, Taffet realized that not all evidence from the investigation was in her files. She accuses Hodgins, Brennan and Vega of stealing the missing evidence. The judge orders the culprit to turn it over to Taffet by the end of the day.

In Booth's apartment, BOOTH meticulously adjusts his "Cocky" belt buckle. As he admires his tux, the phone rings. It's Brennan. She's worried that Booth will be late to her award ceremony (she's being honored for her scientific achievements). Booth lies and tells her he is on his way. She catches on to his ruse when he hangs up to answer a knock at his door.

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9/14 The Master in the... (43:54)  
The Master in the SlopSweets infiltrates the world of professional chess.
01/24/2014 09/06/2014
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Big in the PhilippinesA country music singer famous in the Philippines is murdered.
01/17/2014 09/06/2014
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The Ghost in the KillerBrennan attempts to track down the "ghost killer."
01/10/2014 09/06/2014
9/11 The Spark in the... (43:11)  
The Spark in the ParkThe team discovers human remains hit by lightning.
12/06/2013 09/06/2014
9/10 The Mystery in the... (43:57)  
The Mystery in the MeatHuman lunch meat means murder.
11/22/2013 09/06/2014

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