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Fire in the Ice

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Air Date 1/22/09


BOOTH glides across the ice dressed in hockey gear and a jersey that reads Fed-Cases. His team faces off against the Firedawgs. BRENNAN, SWEETS and CAM watch from the bleachers. PETE CARLSON, a member of the Firedawgs, crosschecks a player on Booth's team. The referee doesn't notice so Booth knocks Pete to the ice, earning a trip to the penalty box. While Booth sits on the side, Pete Carlson does more damage to the Fed-Cases. Booth finally gets back on the ice. WENDELL BRAY has the puck and heads for the goal. Before he can make a "basket" as Brennan calls it, Pete elbows Wendell and sends him hard into the ice. That's the last straw. An all out brawl begins between Booth and Pete. Booth easily wins. He helps Wendell off the ice. The game is over.

On Lake Talbot, LEN and LEO prepare for some father/son ice fishing. Len is finally going to let Leo operate the augur. Leo can't believe his good fortune. He only had to endure a brief safe-sex speech to do some real drilling. Leo turns on the drill and cuts away at the ice. Everything is going fine until the ice begins to turn red. Leo panics. Len grabs the augur. He scrapes away the snow covering the ice only to discover a face frozen in horror.

At the crime scene, Booth, who sports a cast on his right hand, and Brennan regard the body. It has been freshly plucked from the lake. Brennan examines the corpse and decides violence played a role in this death. Booth approaches the remains. He recognizes the hockey pendant around the neck of the corpse. This is Pete Carlson: the man Booth broke his hand fighting last month. Booth is a suspect.


At the FBI, CAROLINE JULIAN introduces AGENT PAYTON PEROTTA. Perotta will step in on the case because Booth is a suspect. Brennan protests: she won't work with anyone else. Perotta decides to appease Brennan. Booth can participate in the case as an advisor. Booth advises the blonde and beautiful Perotta to question the prime suspect: him.

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