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The Passenger in The Oven

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Air Date 11/19/08

On a flight to China, BRENNAN sleeps comfortably in her First Class seat. BOOTH, on the other hand, is trapped between two elderly ladies in Coach. NADINE SPRING uses Booth's shoulder as a pillow while CHARLOTTE HANOVER reads a mystery novel. She is so absorbed that she can barely break away to let Booth get up. When Booth mentions he is an FBI Agent, Charlotte is fascinated, wanting to discuss the "perfect murder" with him. Booth suggests they talk later as he squeezes out of his seat.

Booth makes his way through the aisle to the First Class Cabin. He comes across ELI BILBREY, a teenager stealing small bottles of liquor from the catering cart. Booth tells the underage drinker to hand over the goods. "This is American soil until we touch down in Shanghai." When Eli's father, ARTHUR BILBREY, intervenes, Booth covers for Eli but lets Eli know he'll be watching. No more booze.

Booth finds Brennan. He can't believe what Brennan receives as a First Class passenger: pajamas, slippers, a massager. Maybe that's why she decided to buy her own ticket. Booth attracts the attention of PURSER KATE MCNUTT. She tells him to return to his seat. Booth explains that he needs to be with Brennan. "Your sexual relationship's not relevant, sir, this is First Class." Booth pulls out his badge and tells Kate that Brennan will be helping the Chinese government identify forty thousand year old remains. "I must protect the proprietary American technology Dr. Brennan will be using. So it is my patriotic duty to be right next to her." Booth is disconcerted to learn how excited Brennan is to be getting back to her "real passion: prehistoric anthropological discoveries." Kate adds to his disappointment by telling him he still has to return to coach.

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