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The Con Man in The Meth Lab

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Air Date 11/12/08

During a police training exercise, a STATE POLICE INSTRUCTOR holds a tear-gas launcher and indicates a nearby trailer. This trailer was a mobile meth lab until it was reclaimed three days ago. How was that accomplished? CADET WILLIAMS surmises that the police used tear-gas. He's wrong. It's demonstration time. The State Police Instructor fires a tear-gas grenade into the meth lab. There is a huge explosion, just as he expected. Unexpectedly, a corpse sails through the air and crash-lands on a nearby car windshield. The cadets stare as the corpse burns.

BRENNAN and SWEETS wait for Booth in Sweets' office. He is late for their session. When BOOTH finally arrives, he is elated about the RICO case. This top-secret project is really going to bring in the accolades and, more importantly, a raise. What will he do with that extra money? Spend his birthday in Hawaii, of course. Booth's cell phone rings and he answers despite Sweets' protests. Booth's brother, JARED, is on the phone. Booth makes plans to see him. Sweets wonders why he didn't know Booth had a brother. Brennan knew though she has never met him. After his call with Jared, Booth's phone rings again. So does Brennan's. Their session is cut short as they rush off to look at remains.

At the scene, Brennan examines the corpse on the windshield. The State Police Instructor is beside himself. After learning he was not responsible for the man's death, he leaves to have "a little cry." Brennan realizes that the victim was shot. She pulls a notebook from inside his jacket. It is filled with drawings and designs. "This man was obviously some kind of technical designer or engineer." In other words, he's a Squint.

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