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The Skull in the Sculpture

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Air Date 11/5/08

CHUNKY and DUANE break into a junkyard to steal car parts. Chunky will spare no expense for his father's birthday. Once they've hopped the fence, they find a crushed car with an untouched golden side mirror. Chunky's father will love it. He pries it loose but Duane notices something. The car is bleeding. Upon closer inspection they realize it's not the car but the mangled corpse inside.

ANGELA meets SWEETS at a bar. She needs to talk about sex. She also needs a vodka straight up. "You just got divorced and broke up with your fiancee. It's totally understandable if you don't feel like sex." Angela does feel like sex but what are her options? She could sleep with Hodgins. That might not be the best idea but it's been six weeks. For Angela, that's a long time! Sweets believes that Angela could be hesitant to form a new connection with someone in order to protect herself from possible heartache. Angela realizes he's right. She is done shielding herself. She makes a toast. "To love and joy and sex!"

CAM, HODGINS, Angela and BRENNAN examine the crushed car and what they can see of the body inside. DAISY WICK stands by, trying to help. Her name came up in the rotation of students again and she is certainly not going to spoil her second chance. She answers all of Brennan's questions quickly and effectively, though her jokes aren't as well received. Cam is going to run a tox screen on the bodily fluids they are able to access. Booth is checking the junkyard's records to see who brought in the car. As Hodgins takes notes, Angela breaks some news to him: she is going to start dating. It's time. Brennan interrupts the awkward moment with news from Booth: he's discovered the owner of the car.

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