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The Crank in the Shaft

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Air Date 10/1/08

It's just another day at the office. Employees file into the elevator and the ride to the 16th Floor begins. The colleagues discuss work related matters until an unpleasant smell interrupts their ride. They look around accusingly at each other when the elevator jerks to a stop. The lights go out and they begin to plummet. The elevator stops again forcing a ceiling panel loose. A decomposed leg, high heel still attached to the foot, falls to the floor. The workers cover their mouths and eyes in horror.

Brennan and Booth attend a session with Sweets. Brennan is barely paying attention, while Booth shakes his leg a mile a minute. Brennan can't take it anymore. She wants Sweets to stop talking and Booth to stop shaking. Booth is antsy because one of his coworkers died. Sweets and Brennan are ready to lend support until they find out Booth hated the guy. He just wants his desk chair. "Kelton had the best desk chair in the office building, all right. Lumbar support, cushioned arms, Macintosh oak finish." Booth says all the agents in his building want the chair. Sweets sees what's really going on. Booth wants a status symbol to make his coworkers jealous. Brennan agrees, "You want a throne." As Sweets tries to delve deeper into the psychology of Booth's desire, Booth's phone rings. They have a new case. Booth and Brennan take off leaving Sweets alone to ponder if his chair is good enough.

Booth and Brennan arrive on the scene. They navigate the crowd gathered in the lobby of the office building to find Cam, already inside the elevator examining the gruesome leg. The victim is female. When asked if there are more remains than just the leg, Cam points upward.

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