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Man in the Outhouse

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Air Date 9/10/08

Truck driver DWIGHT drives through the night, and pulls over to relieve himself at an outhouse on the side of the road. He can't decide what he wants more: to light his cigarette or to relieve himself. He decides to do both at the same time. KABOOM! The outhouse explodes, and Dwight goes flying.

Booth arrives to pick up Brennan at 6:30AM. She isn't expecting him and opens the door grumpily. He hands her a coffee. Turns out he's one coffee short when a towel-clad MARK GAFFNEY emerges from the bedroom. After an awkward exchange of pleasantries, Booth whisks Brennan off to look at some "pre-breakfast remains."

In the car, Booth comments he didn't realize Brennan was dating. Brennan doesn't see it as dating. Her relationship with Mark is purely physical. Mark is a deep-sea welder who can hold his breath for three minutes "down there," which is a little more information than Booth was hoping for.

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