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The Pain in the Heart

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Air Date 5/19/08

Booth lies dying as Brennan tends to him. The image fades from Brennan's memory and she's back in the lab, working on a skeleton. The squints file in, dressed in black, ready to attend Booth's funeral. Brennan tells the solemn group she won't be attending. She doesn't see the significance in gathering around a hole in the ground. Angela pulls Brennan aside. She needs Brennan, her best friend, to be at Booth's funeral with her if she's going to get through this tough time. Brennan agrees to go, for Angela.

At Arlington National Cemetery, the group is gathered around Booth's casket as Caroline Julian says a few words. Its clear Brennan is uncomfortable; she would have gladly taken the bullet meant for her. As the Honor Guard moves into place, a mysterious looking man watches from a distance. The seven man guard readies to fire as the mysterious man makes his way toward Booth's grave. The man pulls, from his jacket, a single white rose and is quickly taken down by Booth, dressed as an Honor Guard who knocks the man to the ground. The two men fight, knocking over the casket and the mannequin inside it. The funeral-goers watch as Booth struggles with the man. As the mysterious man goes for a gun, Brennan knocks him in the head with a mannequin arm. The mysterious man lies unconscious on the ground as Booth hops up to thank his partner. Brennan greets him with a punch in the face, before storming off.

Later in the lab, Booth tries to explain faking his death to Brennan. It was the only thing the FBI could do to catch the mysterious guy at the funeral. The wanted man had gone underground, vowing to one day dance on Booth's grave. Brennan doesn't want to hear it. She knew Booth's funeral was going to be "a complete waste of time." And she assures him she won't be at his next one. Booth thought Brennan knew he wasn't dead, he told the FBI to notify her; it wasn't his fault. Sweets points out that the real reason Brennan is upset is because the funeral made her face emotions she'd have rather kept hidden. Brennan feels as if she's been manipulated but the conversation quickly turns as Zack hands Brennan a package with her name on it. She opens it to find a jawbone with two silver screws drilled into it. Brennan indentifies teeth marks on the mandible. The silver and the gnaw marks both point to the serial killer, Gormogon.

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