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The Wannabe in the Weeds

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Air Date 5/12/08

It's open mic night at The Checker Box Restaurant and the place is full of aspiring songsters. Tommy Sour is onstage belting away Nickelback's "Far Away." Not only does he impress the women of the audience, but he catches the attention of a talent scout in the audience as well. Chris Calabasa takes the stage next and it's clear he's not a fan of Tommy's. Chris' rendition of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" fills the air. Afterwards, the hopeful musicians sing the rest of the night away.

Booth, Brennan and Cam arrive on the side of a rural road where a two-week old decaying body has been discovered in the weeds. The body's been ripped apart by a mower; the head is still in the machine's blades.

In the lab, Cam discovers traces of tea, honey and a throat lozenge in the shredded victim. The odontology results on Angela's computer reveal the victim to be Tommy Sour. He's been missing two weeks.

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