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The Verdict in the Story

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Air Date 5/5/08

Booth and Brennan make their way through a decrepit bus yard to a skeleton that has been discovered, positioned in a circle. Booth mentions a possibility: the victim was rolled up in a carpet and the carpet has since rotted away. Brennan cracks up, knowing that would have taken thousands of years. Caroline Julian arrives on scene and is taken aback by this side of Brennan; who knew she could laugh? According to Caroline, Brennan is suspended from all crime-related duties while her father's murder trial goes on. She shouldn't be working with Booth, the arresting officer, during that time. Caroline leaves and the partners look to the interesting case Brennan will be missing out on. Brennan knows Booth can't solve the case without her.

At the diner, Booth and Brennan inform Dr. Sweets of the situation. Sweets believes he should have been informed of the upcoming murder trial, seeing as he did the psych profile on Max Keenan, Brennan's father. He notes the stress Brennan must be feeling as everybody she works with is going to be trying to imprison her father. Brennan assures Sweets it doesn't bother her. But he knows the more objective she appears on the outside, the more troubled she must be on the inside.

In the visiting room of the Federal Detention Facility, Brennan, her brother Russ, her father Max, and his lawyer David Barron meet with Clark Edison, who will be the forensic expert on the case. Max isn't fully confident in Clark defending him and wonders why Zack couldn't do it. Brennan tells him Zack will be working for the prosecution but assures her father, Clark is the last forensic Anthropologist she'd ever want to go up against in court. With a hearty handshake, Max reluctantly welcomes Clark to the team. Clark, Russ and Dave leave and Brennan gives Max a gray tie to wear in court. She tells her father that even though her friends are involved in the case, she can't help him. Max knows that, and he also knows his daughter loves him.

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