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The Santa in the Slush

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Air Date 11/27/07

Two mall elves - a little person and a teenager - investigate an odd smell while on break and are horrified to find a dead and decaying Santa in the sewer.

Brennan visits Max in jail and says that for Christmas she's going to Peru to investigate 1500-year-old skeletons. Max wants to spend Christmas with his entire family, an unlikely prospect. Brennan soon finds that Booth also won't get to see his family this Christmas - his son Parker will be skiing in Vermont with Rebecca and her new boyfriend.

Dead Santa's skull shows a strong blow, and well-fed maggots show there was a lot of food around. The Santa suit is real ermine, not department store issue, and he smoked a real clay pipe. Zack thinks kids who believe in Santa are stupid. Angela's facial reconstruction shows... Santa. What? That's what he looked like. The squints playfully begin to suggest that this is the real Santa.

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