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Baby in the Bough

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Air Date 4/28/08

While driving, Booth and Brennan discuss Brennan's financial situation. The partners aren't exactly in the same tax bracket.

Booth and Brennan arrive on scene of a roadside accident. A car has been run off the road and inside are the charred remains of the driver. Brennan is able to determine the victim, a female, in her early twenties, was doused with gasoline before being set on fire. She also notices the woman had given birth. As she continues looking over the body, Booth hears a faint sound in the background. The scene goes quiet. Booth follows the sound to a tree. Looking up, he sees a car seat perched amongst the branches. In the car seat, a baby.

Booth holds the baby boy. Brennan requests the vinyl seat and driver's door be brought back to the Jeffersonian. When the partners attempt to change the child's diaper, Brennan finds a key hidden in the diaper bag. Booth searches for an evidence bag and Brennan is left alone with the crying baby. Booth returns to find Brennan placed the key right next to the baby. The key is now missing and it looks as if the baby swallowed it. The infant's going to need to stay with the partners until he returns the evidence.

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The Corpse at the ConventionThe team attends a forensic science convention and discovers the remains of a body in a stairwell.
10/30/2014 12/11/2014
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09/25/2014 11/06/2014

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