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The Knight on the Grid

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Air Date 11/20/07

Booth has Cam rather than Brennan accompany him to a crime scene, where a stabbed, kneecapped, naked corpse is found. There's a jade gemstone inside the stab wound. At the lab, it's found that the kneecaps were surgically removed.

That night, Brennan is visited at home by Amy Hollister - her brother Russ' girlfriend. Amy's younger daughter, Haley, who Russ was helping to raise, has Cystic Fibrosis. It's getting worse, and Haley's been asking for Russ. Brennan says she has no idea where Russ is and that Amy should ask Max. She also refers Amy to the top Cystic Fibrosis specialist in the country, who is a friend of hers. As they speak, Brennan notices a package in her pile of unopened mail has begun to... bleed. She ushers Amy out, and then opens the package - to find that the murderer has mailed her the missing kneecaps.

The envelope was mailed from the D.C. area. The patellas are unusually worn. The victim must have done a lot of kneeling. The cloth the kneecaps were wrapped in bears a strangely familiar seal. And Zack finds the murder weapon is identical to that used by the Gormongon/Widow's Son killer. The seal is Masonic. Dr. Sweets arrives because Booth and Brennan missed their session; he gets caught up in the investigation, and thinks the kneecaps might fit the Widow's Son silver skeleton. Angela thinks there's something wrong with the tapestry behind the skeleton.

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