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The Boy in the Time Capsule

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Air Date 11/13/07

A high school time capsule from 1987 is opened - and contains a teenager's liquefied remains; only the skeleton is intact. Gil Bates, former high school nerd and current assistant manager at Tech Town, tells Booth and Brennan that he sealed the capsule himself, and he doesn't know how the body got in there.

At the lab, the body is found to have several fractures that healed at different times, including a fresh one on the right clavicle. A video shows the 1980s teens loading up the capsule with 80s artifacts. Angela makes a sketch of the victim's face, and Zack realizes he saw the face in the video. The yearbook IDs the awkward young man as Roger Dillon. The remains have traces of a nerve gas; the skeleton's injuries show he had his arm twisted around his back, but some of the fractures on his ribs pre-date high school... so maybe it wasn't bullying.

Booth and Brennan talk to Roger's dad, Daniel Dillon. He never reported his son as missing because his wife told him he ran away. And he's ashamed to say he's not surprised Roger never contacted him again. Daniel used to drink heavily and beat Roger. The last time he saw him, Roger asked for a lot of money, and he threw him out of the house with his arm twisted behind his back. He's stunned to find that Roger's dead, and tells them to talk to Gil, who was Roger's best friend.

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