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Mummy in the Maze

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Air Date 10/30/07

The race is on. Dozens of costume-clad kids hurry through the haunted corn maze in search of the exit. One child, Matty, dressed as a Ewok, freaks as he twists and turns past skeletons, monsters and the grim reaper. Matty freezes at the sight of an all too real looking mummy hanging before him. A spider crawls out of the eye socket causing Matty to faint.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the maze soon after. Dr. Potoska, a local physician attempts to lead them to the mummy. The three of them wonder the maze aimlessly until Booth decides to muscle his way through the hay bails. They arrive at the mummy and after a quick assessment Brennan confirms it. These are actual human remains.

The mummy has been brought into the autopsy room where Cam, Zack, and Hodgins examine it. The squints are able to gather that the mummy is a female. The conversation turns to the annual Jeffersonian Halloween party, a mandatory event in which all employees must attend in costume. Zack will be going as the back end of a cow. Naomi from Paleontology will be his front. Hodgins will be attending as Edward John Smith, the captain of then Titanic.

On the mummy, Hodgins notices a coating of lacquer. He's found a label from The Free Church of America Thrift Store attached to the mummy.

Booth and Brennan are at the thrift store where they speak with Pastor Bill Jonas, the youth minister who runs the place. The church is preparing for its annual Halloween Hell House. An event showcasing what happens to those who abandon "the path of righteousness". As far as the case goes, Pastor Bill isn't much help. The clothes of the victim don't look familiar to him and none of the churches kids have gone missing.

Hodgins and Angela meet with Amber Kippler at the diner. Amber's a senior investigator with Doyley Private Investigations and she'll be taking over their case while Doyley is tending to a personal matter. Amber is very good at her business. She's tracked Angela's husband, Grayson, down. The man is in Florida. And Angela and Hodgins want her to head back down there to serve him with the divorce papers.

While driving, Booth and Brennan discuss the vehicles through which we all choose to believe. Brennan believes in what she can see, what she can hear. Booth believes in what he feels. Booth's cell rings. It's Cam:

Cam's in the lab. A very tired looking couple has been brought in. Cam tells Booth to hurry back and talk to them. The couple seems to think the mummy may be their missing daughter, even though she's only been missing for a week and the victim has been dead at least a year.

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