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The Widow's Son in the Windshield

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Air Date 9/25/07

Three Sk8r kids are driving around, getting stoned when a dump truck ahead of them suddenly sends a small, round object smashing through their windshield and causing a chain reaction collision.

Back at the Lab, Brennan and Cam are quizzing Clark Edison, a candidate for Zack's job. The kid is good but Brennan still has reservations. Booth arrives to pull her out to the crime scene. She doesn't really want to go, and this bothers Booth.

Near the Sk8r kids' car is a highway littered with broken, smoking cars. Booth and Brennan make their way through the commotion. Bones is complaining about Booth pulling her out of the Lab, when she notices a human skull embedded in the teens' windshield.

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