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The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

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Air Date 5/9/07

Bones and Booth arrive at a crime scene in a wooded area where authorities discovered glowing bones they believe to be radioactive. The pair pop a couple of potassium iodide pills to block the radiation then don some biohazard suits to check out the scene. The local authorities take Brennan and Booth into an old stone house to see a glowing decomposed body festooned with rats and weasels. The Geiger counter shows no elevated radiation levels, so Booth and Brennan take off their masks. Now there is no explanation for the glowing body.

Back at the lab the Jeffersonian team discovers multiple stab wounds on the body that would have come from a very angry aggressive attacker. Agent Booth and Dr. Saroyan arrive and start peppering Hodgins with questions. The conversation shifts to Hodgins' failed marriage proposal, which he tries to play off like nothing though he is obviously bothered.

Agent Booth and Dr. Saroyan are alone in the autopsy room for a moment and their past relationship comes up as Camille tries to pull a fingerprint from the victim. Using a special technique involving fabric softener Dr. Saroyan pulls a print and ID's the glowing victim as Carly Victor, a promising young chef. The team reassembles and Angela locates Carly's Myspace profile. It turns out Angela and Temperance both ate at Carly's uber-popular restaurant.

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