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The Killer in the Concrete

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Air Date 4/4/07

In Baltimore, Brennan and Booth arrive at concrete expanse. Booth has his mind on his toothache. They are told that a cadaver dog discovered a skull. Brennan has them cut out a large chunk of the concrete around the skeleton and ship it to the Jeffersonian.

At the Jeffersonian lab, Cam addresses Hodgins and Zack who've have the skeleton partly excavated. They confirm that it's a male, around 6ft tall. They also discover old gunshot and stabbing wounds that had healed. On the victims skull they find a hole and Cam tells Zack to excavate the entire skull first.

At a cemetery, Angela helps Brennan commemorate her mother's proper burial. It's been one year. Her father Max Keenan arrives. She calls the police on him and Max vanishes.

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