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The Priest in the Churchyard

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Air Date 3/28/07

On the St. Agatha church grounds, Brennan and Booth are led to an old cemetery where a water main had burst and coffin have surfaced spilling out corpses. The bodies simply need to be ID'd and put back their proper place, but they find one skeleton that is out of place. Father Donlan, whom runs the church, says that all these bodies had been buried for at least 50 years and yet Brennan believes on of them was buried five years ago with no coffin. Father Sands, who works under father Donlan insists they look into it. Father Donlan is on edge. On site, Zack finds evidence of trauma to the frontal bone of the skull.

At the lab, Zack finds blood-pooling stains on the inside of the skull and Booth and Brennan argue about the validity of religion.

After combing the crime scene, Hodgins is back at the lab with Cam explaining that someone broke the water main with a shovel, while trying to bury something or dig something up. He also finds that the victim had been buried for 3 years. Angela arrives with a composite of the victim.

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