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The Man in the Mansion

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Air Date 2/15/07

Brennan and Booth arrive at a mansion where they're told a dead body was found. Brennan asks Booth how therapy's going and he'd rather not talk about it. Inside Cam greets them and leads them to the victim that's been decomposing for three weeks. She says that it's probably the owner of the house because the wife ID'd his watching and wedding band. Brennan wonders why she's there if the body still has flesh on it and Cam explains that the dead man, Mr. Terry Bancroft, is responsible for the Bancroft wing of the Jeffersonian. They asked for Brennan and team by name.

Booth sits in the kitchen talking with Mrs. Clarrisa Bancroft. She claims that she's been away at their vineyard and that he was supposed to be at their fishing lodge. She tells Booth that she heard it might have been a break in, and she goes on to say that Terry was involved in a youth center for inner city kids and they might want to look for the killer there.

At the lab, Cam, Zack, and Hodgins discuss evidence they've already found. Cam says that Terry was stabbed in the chest after he was dead and that a slash in his jugular killed him. Zack runs the dental records and gets a positive match to Terry Bancroft. Hodgins seems tense.
On the forensic platform Hodgins goes through some photos found on the victim's desk as Angela approaches to tell him that she's got more evidence for him in his lab. Angela exits and Hodgins goes back to a photo a four boys which on the back says, "Me, Hodgins, Stoner, and Tripp before our first gig. August '95." Hodgins pockets the photo.

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