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The Man in the Cell

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Air Date 1/31/07

Brennan and Booth walk the halls of a prison lead by Warden Everett to the cell where a major fire began. Inside the cell, Brennan inspects the body that was locked in. She's a little drowsy because the workman renovating the next-door apartment left a radio on all night, but she wakes up when the warden tells her that it is Howard Epps' cell. Brennan inspects Epps' burned body and finds that someone must have tossed accelerant on the body before they set it on fire, but when Brennan inspects Epps' wrist to check for the break that she had given him a year prior, she notes that this body has a freshly broken wrist. It's not Howard Epps. The Warden says that all prisoners have been accounted for, but Brennan cuts him off when she finds a DCFD tattoo and realizes that Epps must have killed a firefighter, stolen his clothes and mask, and walked out the front door.

At the lab, Zack, Angela, and Hodgins read an article about themselves that was published in the newspaper. It gives detailed bios on each of them and talks about the strong relationships they have in the workplace. Cam arrives and tells them to put the paper away and get her up to speed on what they found on the dead firefighters body. Hodgins says the accelerant was distilled alcohol and Zack confirms that the wrist was a fresh break.

In Brennan's office B&B sits with Epps' ex-wife Caroline Epps. She explains that she is no longer in contact with Howard. She explains that she's moved on and wants nothing to do with Howard or this investigation. She leaves and Brennan worries about her safety, meanwhile Booth is worried about Brennan's security. He doubles up security at the lab incase Epps comes after anyone. Then Brennan gets a phone call from Epps himself. He tells her that everything he does from this point on is her fault. He also tells her to "use her head." Brennan takes this as a clue. Booth has traced the call and they go to the pay phone he was using to find a small vile of bone dust.

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