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Judas on a Pole

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Air Date 12/13/06

A man is shot dead on the rooftop of a hotel. The shooter, in a hood, straps the victim to a cross, guts him, and then lights him on fire. The shooter leaves him to burn.
Meanwhile, at the Jeffersonian, Zack sits before the school board defending his dissertation. Brennan seems to help him along as one of the board members herself. Then Booth enters to take Brennan to the crucifixion crime scene.

B&B arrive to inspect the victim and right off the bat Booth knows that the guy was a rat. His guts were spilled because he "spilled his guts" and it's no coincidence that the hotel they stand on is used to house witnesses. This murder was a warning. Brennan notices something jammed in the victim's trachea.

At the lab, Cam, Hodgins, and Zack look at the body. From the trachea Cam removes a slip of paper the says, "My name is Garrett Delaney." She also removes a Christopher Columbus commemorative coin.

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