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The Headless Witch in the Woods

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Air Date 11/29/06

Brennan and Booth trek through the George Washington National Forest with a forest ranger that has roped off a crime scene. En route, Brennan notices small, spooky, hand-made ornaments hanging in the trees. The ranger tells the legend of Maggie Cinders, a supposed witch of the 1780's that was beheaded and now locals believe that her ghost is hanging the ornaments in the trees and wanders the woods looking for her severed head. Any live person that went looking for the head would be killed by Maggie's ghost. The ranger shows them to a ditch where a headless body lies. Brennan ID's it as a male between 18-25. She also finds a video camera.

At the lab with Zack and Cam, Brennan helps them examine the body. Brennan explains that she doesn't believe in ghost and Cam reveals that her mother came to her the day after she died and told her where to find a necklace. Hodgins enters with time of death being one year prior. Booth joins them with info on a local film student, Graham Hastings, that went missing a year ago while filming a documentary on Maggie Cinders. Angela has cleaned the tape in the camera found with the victim and she plays footage of a frightened guy and girl in the woods shouting for Graham. They split up and the young man holding the camera is spray with blood.

In the lab, Brennan find defense markings on the wrist that suggest he was trying to block something from hitting his head. Cam finds no toxins in his blood and Brennan finds and old break in his arm from childhood.

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