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The Woman in the Sand

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Air Date 11/8/06

In the desert outside Las Vegas Brennan and Booth are called in to examine the supposed body of Mason Roberts a federal prosecutor that went missing in 2001. They received the tip from a deathbed prostitute that overheard a Las Vegas mobster. At first glance Brennan confirms that the remains are that of a male, beaten with a cylindrical object. Just before they wrap up the crime scene, Brennan spots a vulture. Vultures circle newly dead remains and this body's been here for years. She walks towards the area the vulture is circling and finds a fresh dead body. It's a young female with similar cylindrical injuries to the other remains. Brennan and Booth conclude that the same person must have ditched both bodies.

Brennan has dental records to confirm that the first body they found was Mason Roberts and he was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Booth goes over files on the local mob bosses, including "Sweet Pete" Arno, gaming exec of the Tangiers Casino. Continuing her analysis of the second body, Brennan confirms similar bat injuries, but also softer blows to the head and body most likely stemming from spousal abuse. Brennan also finds hearing aids in her ears, which could have been a result of too many hits to the head. Angela chimes in via online connection with the name Wilhemina Morgan to match the serial number on the hearing aides. An FBI aide on site Wilhemina's file off his mobile database and reads that she goes by Billie, she's 26, and was reported missing two weeks ago by her husband.

Booth and Brennan question Billie's husband Don Morgan whom has a suspicious cast on his thumb that he swears is from a latter fall. He tells them that he thought Billie left him because he got laid off. He goes onto say that Billie wanted to help get money by stripping and he fought her on that, but then he gave in and borrowed 8 grand from a loan shark, Louis Mackey, to get her breast implants. Don didn't pay up and Mackey broke his thumb. They head off to the casinos to find Mackey.

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