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The Girl with the Curl

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Air Date 11/1/06

At the D.C. Municipal Water Treatment Plant, Brennan and Booth arrive to find the remains of a 10 year-old girl in the filtration system.

With the remains laid out at the lab, the squints assess the skeleton. Brennan notes bands of discoloration on the ribs and notices that the teeth aren't discolored at all, which is odd. Booth has the FBI looking for registered pedophiles in the area and Cam is testing hair samples for DNA to ID the girl, but it's difficult because the victim's hair has been bleached. Hodgins finds heavy traces of make-up and Brennan discovers that the victim's teeth were mostly veneers. They suspect a murderer that alters the appearance of their victims and then kills them, but when Angela runs her new stats through the computer it matches the composite to the infamous little beauty queen, Brianna Swanson, who went missing six months prior from a beauty pageant.

In Booth's office, he and Brennan consol Mrs. Swanson over her loss and question her about the day she went missing. She says she wasn't near Brianna when she disappeared. She also adds that she suspected her ex-husband, David Swanson, of the kidnapping because he once said that he'd rather Brianna end up in a ditch somewhere than to end up like her mother.

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