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The Girl in Suite 2103

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Air Date 10/4/06

Brennan and Booth step out of a hotel elevator into a bombed out hospitality room. Bodies are scattered in the wreckage and firefighter sift through the debris for survivors. B&B are approached by Alex Radziwill, a little person and State Department Rep. He informs them that an ant-drug traffic conference was being held in the room when the bomb went off killing four people. One of the survivors was the keynote speaker Colomian Judicial Attaché, Dolores Ramos. Cam appears and explains that the blast came from the room next door and suspects that drug cartel members were behind the bombing. Brennan steps in to ID the bodies and finds scattered bone fragments from another body. Whoever it was, was in the room where the bomb went off, but they can't find the rest of it. Brennan looks up and finds their dead bomber tangled in a chandelier. Shows

Back at the lab, Booth has more information to share with the gang. Apparently, the room next door was unoccupied for renovations. Paint and chemicals made the explosion more deadly. Brennan and Cam have found the sex of the body, but are still trying to ID her. Hodgins has found fragments of glass, wood, plaster, and drywall. Zach adds hat the body is Caucasian, 5'4", early 20's, bleach blonde and ankylosis in the right trochlea and capitulum and scaphoid show that she was a waitress that carried a tray. Angela arrives with her composite of the bomber. Now they have a face.

B&B are at the FBI with Radziwill to question Judge Dolores Ramos, the keynote speaker from the conference. She doesn't recognize the bomber from the composite that Angela created and Booth doesn't get anything useful out of her.

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