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The Truth in the Lye

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Air Date 9/27/06

BOOTH lies in bed with his ex-girlfriend REBECCA STINSON after they just finished what they both agree was a mistake. Booth's phone rings and Rebecca answers to BRENNAN on the other line. Booth takes the call and is out the door before you can say "awkward."

Booth meets Brennan at a construction site and she apologizes for interrupting him with her early morning call. Booth denies that he was doing anything scandalous with his ex. They enter one of the condominiums under construction and step into a crime scene. In the bathtub of an unfinished bathroom lays a deteriorated corpse floating in a chemical combination of household cleaning products. Brennan notes that the body has been submerged for two to three days and she decides to take the whole tub back to the lab.

At the lab with ZACK, HODGINS, CAM and ANGELA, Brennan reminds them that time is of the essence because the chemicals are literally eating their evidence. Cam demands that the identity of this body is the priority and Brennan believes that the priority should be solving why and how this person died. She reminds Cam that the ID of the body won't change, but the clues to what happened to it are vanishing fast. Cam stands down and confirms that the person weighed 165 pounds. She scoops the fat that has risen to the surface to measure its volume to determine body type.

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