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The Blonde in the Game

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Air Date 9/20/06

Brennan and Booth walk through the woods with a policeman who explains that a jogger and his dog have discovered human remains, but there's one problem... They arrive at the scene to find the aggressive Doberman guarding the remains. After Booth fails to get the dog to cooperate, Brennan tricks it into scampering off and letting them get to work.

At the lab the squints examine the remains. Brennan notes that the victim was a teenage female. Cam chimes in with blunt trauma to the back of the skull as cause of death and Zack adds that she was buried face down. Hodgins arrives and from his work with the bugs found with the body, he concludes that she was buried seven to ten years prior. Brennan suggests that the placement of the victim's wrist and ankles tells that she was bound. Zack finds wear on the victim's rotator cuff and lumbar vertebrae, which means she was a golfer. To Hodgins' delight, Angela joins the crew with the composite she was able to mock up and Booth arrives asking if they've ID'd the victim. Hodgins explains to Booth that they found flecks of black paint in the wound and the shape of the damage suggests the use of a tire iron. Booth says what everyone else is thinking. These are the telltale signs off murderer Howard Epps, the death row prisoner that toyed with our crew a year ago. They fill Cam in and Booth heads to prison to question Epps.

Booth arrives at the prison and sits with Epps only to find that Epps has been waiting for this day. He smiles eagerly and asks about Brennan.

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