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The Boy in the Shroud

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Air Date 9/13/06

Dr. Brennan and Hodgins arrive at the site of an overturned garbage truck to meet Booth and Cam. Amongst the trash from the truck, wrapped in a shroud, is the body of a young male that bares the injuries of a high fall. In his fist Brennan finds something organic and bags it for further examination.

Brennan joins Zack and Cam at the lab to examine the body. Angela is looking at the shroud that wrapped the body and Hodgins is sifting through the entire load of trash from the truck. Cam finds shards of glass embedded in the body and Brennan notes impact marks across the spine that were damaging, but not likely fatal.

Angela pulls the gang into her office to show them what she's found off the shroud. Similar to the famous Shroud of Turin, which supposedly bared the impression of the face of Christ, this shroud left a facial imprint as well and Angela was able to create a composite from it. She concludes that the boy was Caucasian with recently cut brown hair and good dental work which conflicts with Cam and Booth's assumption that he was probably a street kid.

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