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Mother and Child in the Bay

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Air Date 9/6/06

Booth enters Brennan's office to inform her that police think they've discovered the body of Carlie Richardson in the Delaware Bay. She was a pregnant woman who went missing a year prior. Although the case got a lot of press Brennan still has no idea who she is, which spurs an argument between her and Booth about how she needs to get out more. Booth moves on to explain that the story of Richardson. She was a newly wed with a husband that was cheating on her. Evidence on her case says that they had a fight the day she went missing, the husband had scratch marks, and a witness says that they saw him down by the marina.


On the way out of the lab to the bay Booth gets a call from his ex-girlfriend concerning whom their son will spend the weekend with. Booth doesn't like the idea of his ex's new boyfriend moving in on his time with his son. Brennan is losing Zack herself. It seems that Cam has stolen Zack and taken him under her wing. They both head out determined to gets their relationships back.

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