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The Titan on the Tracks

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Air Date 8/30/06

While Brennan and Booth are on their way to a crime scene Brennan talks about her vacation which was spent with her brother Russ. She goes on to explain how nice it is to have a brother again and that they both want to find their father whose been missing for years. Brennan wonders why Booth is in such a rush to get to the crime scene.

They arrive to the crime scene to find a derailed train and its path of destruction surrounded by police and emergency medical technicians. Injured passengers stagger about, others aren't lucky enough to be on their feet. Brennan and Booth are greeted by Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan. She explains that a car parked on the tracks, probably a suicide, derailed the train.

After Cam bosses Brennan around revealing that she is her new boss at the Jeffersonian. Brennan's not too keen on this idea, but she heads over to the car that caused the wreck to see if she can ID the body inside. She deciphers that the victim was a tall male with an ID bracelet of sorts, but the fire has damaged it. She also notes that the fire damage is too severe have just erupted from the fuel tank of the car. There must have been another catalyst involved. Cam returns to let Brennan and Booth know that they found more dead on the train including a senator.

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