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The Graft in the Girl

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Air Date 4/26/06

BRENNAN, BOOTH, and ANGELA arrive at Washington General Hospital to present lab results to DEPUTY DIRECTOR CULLEN. They are meeting Cullen at the hospital because his daughter has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or lung cancer. When told this, Brennan notes how extremely rare cancer is for someone of Cullen's daughter's age. Booth doesn't want her digging her nose into Cullen's business.

They arrive at AMY CULLEN'S room to brief Dep. Cullen. A bedridden Amy works on some drawings as her mother, JULIA, watches. Angela, an artist, takes an interest in Amy's artwork. They have an instant connection. Brennan, being the curious scientist she is, disobeys Booth's wishes and begins to question Julia about Amy's health progression. Brennan knows that asbestos is the most likely cause of mesothelioma, but Julia and Dep. Cullen say they've checked everywhere Amy has been and there have been no signs of asbestos. Through further questioning Brennan discovers that Amy broke her leg a year prior and received a bone graft. Brennan asks for the X-rays of Amy's leg.

At the Medico-Legal Lab HODGINS holds up Amy's X-ray and to his surprise, he spots pores in the bone where the graft was laid. ZACK reminds them that records say the bone graft came from a twenty-five year old. Brennan doubts it. Her forensics knowledge tells her it came from someone at least sixty.

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