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The Man In The Morgue

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Air Date 4/19/06

DR. BRENNAN has come to New Orleans offering her talents to identify the bodies found in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Operating in a makeshift morgue within a church, Brennan is working on what seems to be an endless task of identifying bodies that have unearthed from cemeteries. The makeshift morgue is split into three areas: an open area where autopsies and identification takes place, a small cold room holding identified bodies, and a much larger cold room where unidentified bodies are stacked high in boxes and body bags.

MIKE DOYLE wheels a body into the autopsy area with DR. GRAHAM LEGER by his side. They joke about Mike's kinky new girlfriend before Dr. Brennan's presence embarrasses Mike, but none of this phases Brennan. Dr. Leger goes on to tell Brennan that Mike's girlfriend likes to get wild in the morgue cooler at night. ZACK chimes in via computer video link awkwardly ending the kinky conversation.

Mike exits as Zach talks to Brennan about information she's sent him regarding the bodies she's identifying. She informs Zach that she'll be back in D.C. in two days.

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