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The Man With The Bone

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Air Date 4/5/06

Booth and Brennan walk the cold, lonely hallway of the FBI morgue. They meet with HARRY TEPPER, a Medical Examiner residing over a naked corpse. The body, identified as TED MACY, was found in a national park. The victim expired from an accidental drowning. Brennan questions why she was called - after all, she doesn't "do skin." Booth explains, "I didn't bring you to examine the body. I want you to look at what they found in his hand." The examiner reveals a finger bone, steeped in a lethal cleansing solution. Brennan emasculates the examiner for his shoddy preservation techniques, "You've removed particulates and trace elements that could potentially lead us to his killer. Is this your first day on the job?"

In the lab, members of Team Bones trade guesses as to the origin of the finger bone. Angela presumes "Native American," while Zack speculates "British Colonial." Hodgins jumps in with "American Revolutionary." Brennan continues to study the bone, "Alternating sclerotic and porotic areas on subperiosteal surface demonstrates that whoever this was suffered from tertiary syphilis" (Sc.3 / Pg. 4). Radiocarbon dating puts the finger at three hundred years of age. When Booth offers the location of the bone, " Assateague Island," Hodgins' tone enthusiastically changes. "The Money Pit," he remarks in disbelief. The team learns Assateague Island is home to Blackbeard's treasure. For three hundred years, people have dug, searched, and risked life to uncover Blackbeard's hidden loot. The possibilities open the case wide for Booth, "So the victim finds evidence that the treasure exists, maybe even finds some of it. Someone else wants it all for himself. Certainly a good motive for murder."

Booth and Brennan travel to Assateague Island, home of the "Hardewicke-Macy" excavation. They interrupt an argument between BRANSON ROSE and GILES HARDEWICKE. Branson, a billionaire funding the dig, wants to pull out of the project. GILES threatens him with a lawsuit. The two continue to bicker, ignoring Booth and Brennan's presence. Brennan cuts in by identifying herself as FBI, on assignment to investigate a murder. Rose is thrown by the accusation of murder. His eyes grow wide with excitement, "What did Macy find that was worth killing him for?" Rose orders the workers to put his stuff back. The dig must go on.

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